Prairie Hill Cookie Company


I discovered my love of baking in Junior High School and have been at it ever since.

Throughout the years I worked to hone the recipe for my cookies. Trying out different ingredients and ratios over time, I found which worked together best to make the perfect cookie.

As a career music teacher, I did not always have a need to be baking, but I was in need of creative ways to reward students for doing well in class and learning music theory. What better way to inspire learning than with a cookie? Before long parents were seeking me out to buy them for birthday parties, Christmas gifts and more.

When I received feedback like “This is the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my life!!” I decided to start the Prairie Hill Cookie Company.

Named after the town where my dad was born, Prairie Hill Cookie Company is rooted in family, faith and love.

I hope you will enjoy our cookies as much as we love making them!

Prairie Hill Cookie Company

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